Extra Attention While You're Away

Going away and want to take advantage of your time away? Our Board & Train program will help your dog with the foundational training that will build confidence and impulse control. While you’re away, your dog will get the obedience skills they have been lacking, while receiving a lot of love and attention . For dogs who are boarding with us, Board & Train is a great option.

Dogs who are dog friendly will participate in day care and be pulled out for training sessions each day, This training will include outings to stores or Twiggs Park so we can practice the commands learned in an unfamiliar place. Dogs will work with multiple handlers so that they will listen to anyone and not just their primary trainer.

We can’t promise your dog will be transformed, but we will give your dog focused repetitions on various commands they need to achieve a higher level of self-control, listening and skills.

7-Day Board & Train



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