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There is no better way to start the year with your pup! Classes at Rex’s Place meet every family’s need, so come have fun and learn! (And your dog doesn’t need any supplies or outfits, either!) Sign up on gingr!


Loose Leash Walking Seminar — March 16thMan being dragged by running Westie

Saturday, 3/16 from 9:00 to 10:30 AM $110 for participants, half price for auditors

Hoping to avoid shoulder surgery / falls on the ice / general dread of walkies? Join us for 90 minutes to the dog walking life you dream of!

This hands-on intensive seminar is limited to 4 participants and their dogs and 3 auditors (human only). Participants will need to bring:

  • a flat collar, gentle lead, or harness (NO choke collars, prong collars, or e-collars)
  • a 6-foot non-retractable leash
  • HIGH VALUE treats
  • Lots of HIGH VALUE treats (8x what you think you will need)


Obedience and Enrichment Classes

3 dogs minimum, 6 dogs maximum per class; length of sessions is dependent upon class size in order to provide plenty of individual attention and activity.

You're never too young to learn!AKC S.T.A.R.Puppy Class

Saturdays at 8 AM — with Hope Saidel appropriate for all puppies 2to 12 months, limited to six puppies only, six-week class, $225
Gain valuable insights into how dogs learn and the best ways to teach them through positive reinforcement and training games. From potty training to nipping, jumping, stealing socks — all aspects of a puppy’s potential “naughtiness” will be addressed. Your pup will also get the chance to experience socialization with other puppies and owners in a safe and monitored environment, setting a good foundation for positive social interactions as they grow. Start working on positive obedience skills like loose-leash walking, calming behaviors, coming when called, polite greetings, and staying in place.
This class requires treats, a sense of humor, patience, and a willingness to practice at home — no more than five minutes at a time, as many times a day as you like.
Participants can elect to earn their AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy Certificate — but this class is for all puppies, not just those wanting the title!
Added benefit: the early class time tires your puppy out for the rest of your Saturday so you can do what you need to do!
4/6, 4/13, 4/20, 4/27, 54 & 5/11

Manners / Household Obedience

for dogs ages 10 months to adulttraining at Rex's Place for every stage of a dog's life

Saturdays at 9 AM — with Hope Saidel, limited to six dogs only, six-week class, $225

Learn training games to reach the mannerly behavior you’d like to achieve with your dog. Great for dogs going through their adolescence (terrible twos), or adult dogs who could benefit from working on positive behavior skills.
This includes (but is not limited to) loose-leash walking, coming when called, stays, etc. Depending on the needs of the participants, anything from crate-training to counter-surfing, from jumping on people to barking will be addressed.
There’s no need to remember all the games from class – a weekly recap/summary will follow with detailed reminders. Participants are expected to play three to five training games with their dogs each day, each no more than five minutes at a time. Less than 1/2 hour per day to a well-mannered dog!
4/6, 4/13, 4/20, 4/27, 54 & 5/11

rat terrier sitting on her hind legs in grassTricks!

for dogs ages 10 months to adult

Saturdays at 10 AM — with Hope Saidel, limited to six dogs only, six-week class, $225

Do you have a smart dog? You know smart dogs are more difficult than stupid ones — they come up with new and creative ways to get in trouble! Why not make use of those dog brains, channel that creativity for good, and have more fun with your dog? Tricks Class will provide the skills you need to teach your dog just about anything. Led by AKC CGC and Trick Dog Evaluator Hope Saidel, this class is active and fun for both you and your dog.
4/6, 4/13, 4/20, 4/27, 54 & 5/11

Have fun with rats!Urban Ratting

Wednesday nights with Megan Renner

Class size is limited; click on the link below to register. Three- and six-week package and single-class registration options available.

Not sure if Ratting is for you? Try a single class and see!

Click here to learn more and register

K9 Sports Classes

Beginner Agility

Tuesdays @ 5.15 pm – with Jim Bahr
3/5, 3/12, 3/19, 4/2, 4/9 & 4/16 (no class on3/26)
Rex's K9 Sports Arena
Saturdays @ 12 pm – with Jim Bahr
4/6, 4/13, 4/20, 4/27, 54 & 5/11

Agility 2

Instructor approval required to enroll.
Saturdays @ 1:30 pm – with Jim Bahr
4/6, 4/13, 4/20, 4/27, 54 & 5/11

Agility 3

Instructor approval required to enroll. Price $225.
Saturdays @ 2:30 pm – with Jim Bahr
4/6, 4/13, 4/20, 4/27, 54 & 5/11

Dog sitting while looking at handler on Rally course "The Sport of Sit"Rally

Rally packages cover six sessions and are valid for 8 weeks after purchase. Session reservations are required, limit of 10 human-dog pairs per session. Price $225.
Wednesday evenings at 7 PM with Hope Saidel and Fran Saidel.
Since enrollment is rotating, you may begin on any Wednesday and complete your enrollment within 8 weeks.

Want to see if Rally is for you?

Come to a try-it-out session! Only $37.50! Registration required. Sign up on Gingr!

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