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Gunnar was actually playing ‘fetch’ with me tonight (he’s 7 yrs old . . . and due to his traumatic beginning . . . has never really ‘played’). Maybe he saw other dogs playing like this @ Rex’s . . ? – don’t know – but it’s a first. I was absolutely beaming — it truly made my day! Rex’s Place is awesome 🙂

The boarding at Rex’s is truly next best thing to being at home… with all the creature comforts & surrogate mommies, round the clock, with the dogs…esp. good for pooches who require extra cuddles and belly rubs to get to sleep.

Paula H.

Such an amazing place! Don’t have enough praise for the care that my dog receives here! She gets alot of attention, a report card every day, and pictures on FB every night. The best dog day care around!

Margaret W.

Grande loves Rex’s Place—I feel like I’ve found the silver bullet for my ultra-high energy playful portie!

Liz S.

Love this place! I brought my rat terrier mix here yesterday for her first time. I received an email during the day to let me know how she was doing and a report card when I picked her up that included potty information and who she played with. They really care about your dog here. They even post pictures and videos of the dogs playing on facebook which I couldn’t wait to share with everyone! Nell can’t wait for her next visit!!!

Kirsten D.

When we decided to send our dog to day care, we researched numerous places throughout the North Shore. Rex’s is the best we found and we have been completely happy with our decision. The best aspect of Rex’s Place is that the owner, Kathy, cares for your dog as if your pet were her own. She demonstrates such kindness and caring for the dogs and I am happy to leave my dog in her care because I know that my dog is well provided for. Kathy has emailed me during the day to say how my dog was doing and posts pictures every evening for a virtual ‘report card’ on the days events. One weekend, my dog cut her paw on a rock at the dog beach. Kathy called my husband to say that she noticed the cut on the and they were monitoring it throughout the day. During nap time, one of the staff members even sat with my dog and gave her a massage to help her feel better. That type of attention and concern for the well-being of the dogs is something that is a rare find at dog day cares. The facilities at Rex’s are excellent. There are two large rooms; 1 for large dogs and 1 for small dogs. Each dog is walked individually 4 times a day outside. There also is an area that is currently under renovation that will be the outside pool and recreation area. Overall, Rex’s place is a wonderful day care that provides exception, loving care for dogs.

Alexandria F.

We’ve been bring our terrier mix Coby to Rex’s Place once or twice a week for a little over a year and he loves it. From his first day it was obvious Kathy and her staff treat your dog as one of their own. As their business began to grow I was worried that the personal care and attention for each dog might lessen, but the opposite has happened. Kathy has hired many new staff members to accommodate their growing business. Their facility is large and extremely clean! I would recommend Rex’s Place to any dog owner on the Northshore!

Mary O.

Absolute BEST place to bring your dog for daycare or boarding!! I have a nervous German Shepherd who has done poorly at several other boarding facilities. (I’ve actually tried five other facilities in the past, and nothing even comes CLOSE to Rex’s). I was determined to find a place that met my high expectations. I found it in Rex’s Place in Evanston!! Kathy, Lynn . . and the entire staff @ Rex’s takes pride in the service they provide. They cared for my dog like he was their own. My Shepherd, Gunnar, spent one week @ Rex’s in July – – and another nine days there recently. He came home looking even better than when I had dropped him off (I’m not kidding)! It was evident how happy he was and how wonderful his care must have been. I’m so thankful I was able to get away and not have the slightest worry about Gunnar’s well-being. I honestly can’t recommend this place enough!!

Patti K.

My dog and I LOVE Rex’s Place. Whenever I tell him it’s time to go to daycare, he gets so excited! I know he is always well taken care of when he is in the presence of Kathy (the owner) and her wonderful staff. He always comes home happy and tired from the days play. I would recommend this place to anyone!!

Shelley B.

Rex’s Place is the greatest. The owner, Kathy, left her career in human resources to start Rex’s, and we are all the better for it. I found Rex’s when i enrolled my dog in a puppy training class and it was held there. I have owned dogs all my life but had never thought about day care. I take my goldendoodle there once or twice a week, and as soon as he realizes that he is going to Rex’s, he can barely contain his excitement. When I pick him up, I get a personalized report card, describing his “output” for the day, whether he napped, who he played with, his general mood, and any other info that the staff thinks I should know. Then he comes home and collapses, because he is so tired from playing all day! Kathy requires that each owner fill out a very comprehensive questionnaire, and that the dog be immunized and neutered after 6-7 months of age. On the first day, she observes the dog to make sure he has the personality to do well socially. There is a huge indoor and outdoor area, and the little dogs and big dogs have separate areas, plus the staff walks them on leashes through the neighborhood throughout the day. Kathy has recently added overnite care during specific vacation times (I haven’t used that yet), where the dogs are never crated and there is always a staff person with them. She also holds occasional playtime on weekends, where for a small fee, the owners and dogs can use the facilities, which is especially great when the weather is terrible. Check out the Facebook page to see mini videos and photos of the dogs playing, and you can really sense how great Rex’s Place is and how much the staff cares for their charges.

Marcia T.

I recently heard about Rex’s Place and began bringing my dog, Murphy. The owner, Cathy is great and her staff is awesome. They really care about and love the dogs in daycare! It’s great to see the pictures on photo bucket so you get a real sense of what they do during the day. My very tired dog is all the proof I need to know that it’s great sending him for daycare. You won’t go wrong bringing your pet there!!

Mindy D.

Love this place! My 6 month old golden goes for occasional 1/2 day visits for play time & socializing. She comes home happy & exhausted. The staff are all super friendly and very conscientious with the dogs. They go out of their way to make their customers (both the dogs and their owners) happy. A great place to take your dog!

Kenton F.

Rex’s is simply a great local business. We’ve been taking our dog to Rex’s and he always is excited to be there.

Anne J.

As customers for the past half year, my wife and I are constantly impressed by how much Kathy and her staff does for their dogs. Each day at pickup time, it’s like a family reunion as they they recount the day’s adventures, referencing each dog as they would a family member. When Grover first went at 3 months, he was initially intimidated by all the other dogs, especially the larger breeds. In less than a day however, he quickly became one with the pack and can’t wait to sprint out the door when it’s time to go. Rex’s Place has dramatically improved Grover’s socialization with other dogs and people. It’s also reassuring to know he is in good hands when we can’t watch him. Finally, day care is a great way to blow off some steam, Grover is pooped when he comes home! If you are at all considering doggy daycare, I highly recommend Rex’s Place

Jay M.

Rex’s Place is phenomenal! The building is wonderful. There are 2 large indoor play areas and a large outdoor area. Kathy and her staff are amazing. They have been very kind and patient with my dog, who is older and very timid. I love the daily pictures and videos that are posted to facebook. When I pick up my dog, I get a report card letting me know how my dog behaved, who he played with, if he napped and if he peed/pooped.
Not only do I love Rex’s Place, but so does my dog. Every morning he happily runs into the waiting arms of Meaghan. This is amazing as he will not go to any family members but me.

Susan B.

Rex’s Place is great! Henry, my very active rescued Border Collie, always comes home happy and tired – tired is good! The daily report card lets me know how Henry’s day went. Rex’s Place has two huge indoor play areas with skylights and air conditioning. There is thick rubber on the floor for heathly joints. Rex’s has very large yard for the days when we all should be playing outside. They have a floor cleaning machine and keep the space very clean. When I travel on business I look forward to seeing pictures of my doggie buddy on Rex’s Facebook page. Kathy and her staff really care about the clients – dog and human alike.

Chuck H.

I love Rex’s Place. Not only do I get a report card with a check off list of my dog’s behavior and poop production activities. Dog parents want to know that stuff. I also get a report of who their friends were and if they were naughty or nice. What I like about the Rex’s Place is that they are serious about cleanliness and making sure that my dog is safe. There’s lots of space for them to run around. I also get to see photos of the group of dogs playing that day on Facebook. I Love Rex’s Place…Safe, Clean and a great place to have my dog socialize and be supervised when I can’t be there.

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