Training Programs & Coursework

Our training partner, Dog Obedience Group - D.O.G. - philosophy is focused on relationship building, creative and thorough teaching. We believe good dog training must be humane, effective, and fun. Coursework includes obedience exercises, effective solutions for problem behaviors, health care, hand signals, games, tricks, etc., using positive reinforcement and clicker training. For all training, behavior and class inquiries contact: [email protected]

Puppy Classes

Open to puppies between the ages of 7- 24 weeks. A minimum of the first vaccinations and a clean bill of health from your veterinarian are required. Puppies older than 24 weeks may be enrolled with instructor permission. 6-week classes, one hour per week, $90.00. Puppies attend all 6 classes with their owners.

D.O.G. Puppy Class is the most important class you will ever take with your puppy. This program is designed to educate new and experienced puppy owners in the optimum development of their puppies. Course work includes - safe socialization, management and prevention exercises, canine behavior, low-stress handling, house training, crate training, puppy mouthing, jumping, friendly veterinary visit exercises, confidence building, obedience foundation work, attention and focus, walking nicely on leash, massage/body handling, grooming and more!

Requirements: Age appropriate vaccinations and a clean bill of health from your veterinarian.

Basic Obedience & Pet Manners Class

Open to dogs 6 months and older with no upper age limit and to younger puppies who have completed our puppy program. Vaccination history and a clean bill of health from your veterinarian are required. 8-week classes, one hour per week, $120.00. First class is an owner only orientation. Orientation runs over one half hour. No dogs the first day, just the owners attend.

This class provides a comprehensive program of dog-friendly and owner-friendly instruction. Course work includes – canine behavior & learning, massage and low-stress body handling, relationship building, sit, down, stand, stay in all positions, recall, leash manners, hand signals, games, tricks and effective solutions for problem behaviors.

Requirements: Rabies vaccination or titers and a clean bill of health from your veterinarian.

Private lessons in your home

Work one on one in your home with Wendy. Private training focuses on your specific training needs and are scheduled at your own pace. Private training fee $120.00 per one hour session. Contact [email protected]

Daycare and Boarding Training at Rex’s Place

Contact Wendy to discuss your specific needs - [email protected]

Beginner Agility

This course provides a unique introduction to agility that builds teamwork and focus through games and training exercises. Using positive reinforcement to introduce agility obstacles gradually, allowing your dog to build confidence and accuracy.

Requirements: Rabies vaccination or titers. Dog Obedience Group’s Basic Obedience & Pet Manners class or equivalent.

Intermediate and Advanced Agility Classes

These classes emphasize motivational games and positive reinforcement/clicker training to build teamwork and focus. Your dog will progress at his own rate in learning to perform the more challenging obstacles voluntarily and independently with speed and accuracy. You will learn basic handler movements to direct your dog through the course. And, you will both learn to work together as a team, having fun the whole time. No dog or handler will be forced to work beyond their level of preparedness. Our approach relies on helping the dog “figure it out”, gaining confidence and independence before progressing to the next step in learning.

Requirements: Rabies vaccination or titers. Beginner agility and Instructor permission.


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