Our Value Proposition


Our canine clients enjoy over 24,000 square feet of spacious indoor and outdoor play areas. Our space offers cleanliness, safety and air quality, what we call the “Three Essentials.” We have a separate “small dog” lounge as well as a play area ready for the rough and rugged. Our small dog playroom turns into a nap room, with classical music for your pet’s relaxation and enjoyment while they are waiting to be picked up at the end of the day.


Compare 12 hours of day care activity to a 30-minute walk on a leash. Compare our constant attention, activity and love to the isolation and inactivity of staying home, either alone or while house chores are being handled. We hope you’ll find day care is the best way to have a healthier and happy dog.


Our dogs get plenty of exercise as they run, jump, and even practice a little agility now and then. Once they see how much fun they can have, we have very few couch potatoes here. A side benefit – it helps keep the weight down, doesn't it Big Jack (now known only as Jack)?

Bad Weather:

Rain, sleet and snow might not stop the post office, but walking your dog in that kind of weather is not a lot of fun. Bringing your dog to day care ensures your dog gets needed exercise and you get to stay warm and dry (at least during part of the day!)


Your dog will get to interact with other friendly and social dogs throughout the day.

Housing Issues:

Landlords and neighbors love us. Having your dog in day care allays their fear of having a barking dog in the building throughout the day.

Our Staff:

Each member of our staff is certified in Animal CPR and First Aid. In addition, all staff members have been trained and educated on dog behaviors. This is our business, and we take our responsibility seriously. Save