Rex’s Place is the greatest. The owner, Kathy, left her career in human resources to start Rex’s, and we are all the better for it. I found Rex’s when i enrolled my dog in a puppy training class and it was held there. I have owned dogs all my life but had never thought about day care. I take my goldendoodle there once or twice a week, and as soon as he realizes that he is going to Rex’s, he can barely contain his excitement. When I pick him up, I get a personalized report card, describing his “output” for the day, whether he napped, who he played with, his general mood, and any other info that the staff thinks I should know. Then he comes home and collapses, because he is so tired from playing all day! Kathy requires that each owner fill out a very comprehensive questionnaire, and that the dog be immunized and neutered after 6-7 months of age. On the first day, she observes the dog to make sure he has the personality to do well socially. There is a huge indoor and outdoor area, and the little dogs and big dogs have separate areas, plus the staff walks them on leashes through the neighborhood throughout the day. Kathy has recently added overnite care during specific vacation times (I haven’t used that yet), where the dogs are never crated and there is always a staff person with them. She also holds occasional playtime on weekends, where for a small fee, the owners and dogs can use the facilities, which is especially great when the weather is terrible. Check out the Facebook page to see mini videos and photos of the dogs playing, and you can really sense how great Rex’s Place is and how much the staff cares for their charges.