Opening in November 2018, Evanston's first dedicated kennel available to all of our four legged friends. We offer 41 individual kennels.

You’re called out of town for work. A family emergency comes up. What can you do with your dog? You can call a friend OR call Rex’s Place Boarding House, where your dogs safety and happiness while you’re away is our primary concern. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Dogs sleep in their own boarding suite with glass windows. They can use our bed or you’re welcome to bring you own bedding so they have something familiar with them.
  • Playtime during the day either integrated with our daycare OR solo play in our dedicated ball room or outside play area (weather permitting)
  • Dogs that can’t integrate into the playgroup will get solo walks
  • All boarding dogs will get an evening walk to get them ready for their nighttime slumber
  • Unparalleled staff whose main concern is the welfare of our overnight guests

$55.00/night ($6.00/extra during high season)

15% off second dog from same family sharing space No extra charges - this is it 🙂

Download Boarding House Pricing Form – Coming Soon! (PDF)
Download Boarding Consent Form! (PDF)

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