It’s NOT All Right

It just happened again. Rex, Seaquel and I were walking down the street. Seaquel is still young enough that she gets excited at anything that moves. She’s also knows she’s a good-looking dog. (Did I tell you she’s smart?) So we’re walking down the street, Seaquel sees someone she knows and he calls her. She get’s excited and starts running.

I follow after her (actually she pulls me along) and try to get her to sit. The person of interest says “Oh, It’s okay I love her” and motions for her to jump on him. I tell him I really don’t want her to jump and try to get her to sit. He keeps calling her up saying, “It’s okay – really I love dogs.”

Earlier this afternoon, we went to Lemoi Hardware. The dog’s love going there – they get treats. I never let them get one until we are finished shopping, and then they have to sit and take the treat gently. So we just walked into the store to start our shopping when someone walks behind the counter to get treats for THEIR dog. They ask if my dog’s can have a treat. I say no, they will get one when we’re done. Their response “Oh she wants one now.” The treat comes over the back of the counter while Seaquel jumps to try and get it. In the process, she knocks over lots of product. I’m trying to pull her back, catch the product and ask the woman to please stop but she’s laughing and saying how cute she is. (I didn’t think she was so cute at the moment.)

As we walk home, a woman runs up to ask if she can pet my dogs. My answer is always the same: Yes, if they sit and proceed to give them the signal to sit. Rex does it immediately but Seaquel, she’s just to excited And the woman keeps reaching down to pet her as I try to get her to sit and Seaquel jumps.

This was just one day, one three-hour period, but it happens all the time. Sometimes it’s worse. There was the time we were playing in the park and a neighbor pulled her car up to yell out to Seaquel, who promptly ran out to say hello. I was lucky there were no cars coming or she would have been hit. The neighbor apologized, but IT WAS NOT ALL RIGHT.

Seaquel is still small, but she’s young and strong. If she jumps on someone and knocks them over, I don’t think they will say, “It’s okay, I love dogs.” I think they will say they’ll see me in court. Seaquel is still small, but she’s young and strong. When she is on a leash and pulls, it’s MY shoulder that is being pulled. Not theirs. Seaquel is still small, but she’s young and strong. If she knocks something over and breaks it, I will most likely be the one asked to pay for it.

IT IS NOT ALL RIGHT. More importantly, it is a matter of respect (as Aretha sings.) R E S P E C T
Seaquel and Rex are MY dogs and if I don’t want them to jump on you (they can jump in their agility classes), you should respect my wishes and not encourage them. If I want them to sit when you pet them, you should respect my wishes and wait until I get them seated. And you shouldn’t reach over their head to pet them. You should hold out your hand and THEN pet them. It’s NOT all right – and that’s my thoughts on the subject. Yours?