New Years? Bah, Humbug no more

I don’t know about you, but I’m one who has never understood the rush to celebrate New Years Eve. I don’t get it. When asked what I was going to be doing, I had a simple answer: sleeping. I don’t want to see Ryan Seacrest (now I”m really aging myself – it used to be Dick Clark). I’m not interested in seeing the big disco ball drop. My budget can’t afford dinner at a price that’s double what it would be the week after (and I won’t have to deal with crowds). And resolutions? I really never met a resolution I  wanted to keep. I knew I’d wake up to a) the same house; b) the same bills; c) cold weather; d) the same problems AND e) I’d be one year older. So, I ask, what’s the big deal?

That WAS the way I felt – and I probably still do on some things. I really don’t want to watch Ryan Seacrest; I still don’t want to see the big disco ball drop; I still can’t afford the overpriced dinners but resolutions? I’m actually okay with that – and here’s why. Rex. Let me explain.

Resolution #1: A recent study showed that thinner dogs lived an average of more than 2 years longer than slightly chubby ones. I want Rex with me as long as I can get him – so that’s resolution number 1: Rex’s weight will remain stable at 58 lbs. He’ll be ready for the beach at all times.

Resolution #2: We already do this so it’s an easy resolution to keep. Get vigorous exercise at least five times a week. We do that just by chasing his favorite toy around the house for 20 minutes a few times a day or when we go on our morning and evening walk. He LOVES running on the golf course after a new snow. I don’t think this one will be a problem.

Resolution #3: Visit Dr. Fox and get his annual physical check up. Not only does it keep him ready to swim (his favorite exercise), he get’s treats while he’s being poked and prodded to good health. Love Dr. Fox so we’ll be happy to visit him again this year.

Resolution #4: Social time with other dogs. Sure Rex loves me (like your dog loves you) but truth is, dogs are most comfortable when they are with other dogs. As most of you know, Rex can’t come with me to work anymore, so he has Paula, who comes and walks him with his best friends. Yes it’s true – I pay a dog walker to walk my dog. LOL

Resolution #5: Take good care of myself. Rex needs me to be healthy and have a long life – just like I want for him. SO, I too will get an annual check up, I’ll get back to my bi-weekly yoga classes AND I’ll use the VitaMix I just bought to really TRY to take off a few pounds.

And, on that dreaded day, Rex and I will settle in, he with his special treats and me with a good glass of wine. We’ll watch one of our favorite movies (When Harry Met Sally) and fall asleep BEFORE the stroke of midnight. I’ll be with my best guy and what could be better than that.

Happy New Years everyone and feel free to share YOUR resolutions with us.