I’m scared

I’m scared. Seven years ago, I brought Rex home and he changed my life. He was my rock during several years of struggle and, now, everything is starting to come together. My life, although different than I’d planned, is returning. I can breathe a little, where I couldn’t before. So why, I ask myself, am I looking to shake things up by bringing a puppy into our family?

I’m scared – there are a thousand things that can go wrong. What if Rex doesn’t like the puppy? Will he be mad at me? Why do we need a puppy? Isn’t he enough? Do dogs think these things? Will Rex? Then there is the expense. What is it they say – double the pleasure double the fun. Let’s add money in there too.

And let’s not forget the work involved. The every two-hour walks until the little one is house trained, And the rest of the training…there is an awful lot that goes into turning a puppy into an incredible dog like my boy Rex. Am I really up for that?

I’m scared. The truth is I wanted this puppy partly for Rex. Having just turned seven I thought it would be nice for him to have another dog in the house. Yes, the puppy may be a little annoying at first, but hopefully he/she will grow into a great friend for my boy. They can swim together. Run together. They can do what dog’s do together that I can’t.

And the truth is, I’m getting older. So when I heard Rex’s “sister” Shiner was having puppies, I jumped. She is going to have another litter next year but next year seems so far away. I asked myself…if not now, when? And the answer was if I waited until next year, I probably wouldn’t do it. it’s now or never.

So, I put our name into the mix and in seven short weeks, our Clarence or Clarry will be here. I’m hoping that the three of us will be companions for years to come, keeping each other energized, involved and having fun. Is that too much to ask?

We’re already signed up for puppy class and the little one will go to daycare a couple of days a week to get socialized once all the shots are done. Rex and I will continue our routine and his walks with his beloved Paula. Agility on Sunday morning is required and little one will stay home alone for an hour or two while we’re gone.

I’m scared but I’ve seen the pictures and the puppies are really cute. I know that Rex and I have a lot of love and we will welcome this new addition with open arms and paws. I’m scared – but I’ll get over it.