Dogs deserve long, healthy lives

It was about 12 years ago that I had my first kidney stone. It was 3:00 am in the morning, I started getting nauseous and feeling the most excruciating pain. I knew I had to get to the hospital so I started on my way. I live on the second floor and as I made my way, I fell down the stairs. I picked myself up and got to the hospital just in time to hear: “Get her to surgery. She’s in shock.” That’s all I remember. When I awoke a day later, my ankle was hurting like anything. When I complained, they told me I had been dying of renal failure and I should focus on getting better. Six months later they discovered I had fractured my ankle in three places.

Why am I telling you this? Does it relate to dogs at all? Yes, please bear with me for a moment as I continue. Ankle surgery did no good and since then, I’ve had a swollen ankle that doesn’t fit into most shoes, a lump on the foot that they said is swelling. I got cortisone shots to try and relieve the pain. I have gone to therapy twice a week for help – until about six months ago.

Six months ago someone suggested I try essential oils. It took me a couple of months to actually try them. I thought it was some weird stuff and didn’t believe for a second they would work. But what did I have to lose?

Today I have a normal looking ankle with no pain whatsoever. I fit into every shoe I want and I HAVE NO PAIN. I have no swelling on my foot. I know if someone told me this, I probably wouldn’t believe it. If you feel the same, ask me and I’ll show you my ankle.

Since then, I’ve tried them with other things too. I had horrible headaches and migraines. They are gone with a little dab of peppermint oil. I started using them on my dad who no longer has psoriasis. I don’t think they’ll take the place of traditional medicine but I’d rather dab peppermint oil then take three Excederin several times a day.

I started thinking – can these be used for dogs. It turns out the answer is yes. I’ve been attending a couple of workshops and conferences with holistic vet’s who say that they can, in fact be very useful in treating certain things.

Essential oils are aromatic, naturally occurring chemical components of plants that are usually extracted by distillation. They have been used throughout history for medical purposes. Essential oils are:

• Not toxic to the body. They can be used for dogs that suffer from thyroid issues, arthritis, bowel issues, liver or kidney problems.
• A perfect home remedy. They can be used for tick removal, stomach problems, motion sickness or anxiety (e.g. thunder or travel). They work quickly and are very versatile.
• Beneficial for training. Some oils are known for concentration and focus, which is essential for effective training.

For me, this is not an all or nothing commitment. Several years ago I started looking at holistic medicine –focusing on the “whole person” and not just the malady itself. That is my goal for Rex and Seaquel as well. I want them to have long, happy and healthy lives. So, the other day Rex had an upset stomach so I used tummy rub (a blended oil). He followed me around the house wagging this tail. It was heaven. I’ll share more about which oils to use (there are some that are NEVER to be used on dogs), how to use them and where to find them in our summer newsletter. N the meantime, if you want to know more, just ask.