Did you know? February is Pet Dental Health Month

Here are few tips (provided by ASPCA) to help ensure your pet’s teeth are in great shape.  The best thing about them – they even work for cats.  If you are like me, trips to the dentist are not your favorite thing.  I’m pretty sure Rex feels the same.  Preventive care is the key – and I’m blogging this as the five senses of dental dog care.

1. The sense of smell is where it begins.

If your dog has bad breath AND a loss of appetite/vomiting/excessive drinking or urinating you might need to make that call to your vet. You’ve been given a warning sign that there is health issue that your vet should diagnose.  

2. The sense of sight is where you go next.
Do an examination of your pet’s teeth and gums once a week.  You should see pink gums and teeth should be clean without any brown tartar.  Other things to look for:

  • Excessive Drooling
  • Inflamed bums
  • Cysts under the tongue
  • Loose teeth

3. The Sense of Touch 

Get yourself a toothbrush made especially for canines. ( I had NO idea. )  A clean piece of soft gauze wrapped around your finger will work as well. Your vet might have toothpaste made especially for your four-legged family member or you can make a paste out of baking soda and water.  Never use fluoride with dogs under six months of age—it can interfere with their enamel formation. Do not use human toothpaste – it can irritate your dog’s stomach. There is even special mouthwash available for your dog.   (Again – who knew?)

4. The Sense of Taste

All dogs LOVE to chew (especially that nice pair of shoes you have by the door.) You want them to chew (just not the shoes by the door) because doing so builds strong teeth, massages their gums and clears away any tarter that might build up. 

5.  The  Sense of Hearing 

 Great owners know that periodontal disease is THE most common health problem that veterinarians find in pets.   Untreated dental infections can spread to the heart, kidneys or other organs.  Doing a few small things at home is THE most efficient and cost effective way to extend your dog’s life.  You’ll have the happy sounds of a happy dog.  And what is better than a happy dog?

While February is Pet Dental Health Month we hope you will make it part of your everyday routine.

(and I hope you liked our first official blog. )