Can You Help Our Staff?

Like everyone else, we at Rex’s Place are doing what we can to weather the crisis of the COVID-19 pandemic. As many of you know, we have closed the day care for 4 days as a precaution to make sure that no one is sick or infectious, and we want to re-open on March 23rd, but as bad as the economic crisis is, we’re not sure how things will go.

Many of you have so graciously asked to help. My first concern is taking care of our staff who have taken care of your pups for over 10 years. A number of our employees have been there all of those years.

In order to make it easy for anyone who wants to help us do so, I’ve created a GoFundMe page so that you can contribute to keeping my employees paid. The long-term goal is to keep the business open, but first I have to make sure I do whatever I can for my people.

You can find our GoFundMe link here.

Thank you all so much for all your kindness and support.