Our daily walks are designed for dogs who spend a great deal of time at home during the day.  Our walkers give your dog a potty break, some exercise and a little loving on the side.  We spend 30 minutes with your dog, rain or shine; however, when the weather is so bad that your dog only wants a potty break, we’ll spend the rest of our time cuddling or playing with them inside.

We see every walk as a training opportunity so along the way, we’ll try to reinforce good loose leash walking behavior.

Our hours for this service are 8:00 am – 6:00 pm Monday through Sunday. Evening walks by request.



  • All services are subject to availability of walkers/caretakers
  • Payment options include: cash, check payable to Rex’s Place, or charge (Visa, MC, Discover)
  • Pets must be healthy and have current vaccinations, proof of current rabies should be available upon request
  • ID tags must be secured to the dog’s collar
Walking Pricing





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