Puppy Skillz Camp

For Puppies Under 5 Months Old

We know you are excited to be bringing a new puppy into your home. By now you've puppy proofed your house, choose a name, picked out the food and done all of the things you need to get done before you bring the puppy home. Now what? Now comes the hard part. What do you do about house training? What about when you need to go to work? What happens to the puppy during the day? How do you train when COVID 19 has made those type of sessions difficult?

Puppies need to learn early on that the world is a safe and happy place. The primary socialization period for a puppy is between 3/4 weeks and 13/14 weeks. Once this period is gone, it is much harder to get a puppy accustomed to their new world.

At Rex's Place, we've been in the dog business for 11 years and we know a thing or two about dogs AND puppies. We understand what gets dogs socialized to be good companions, good neighbors and overall solid citizens. Our Puppy Skillz Camp was designed to help you with just that and focuses on the first 2-5 months. Here's what we believe:

  1. We believe it is never to early to socialize a young puppy.We focus on four main areas, integrating enrichment, exercise, social play and training.
  2. We believe crate training is essential for EVERY dog's good health and safety. Crates should become one of your dogs favorite places and you will often see dogs returning to an open door crate to simply relax.
  3. We believe dogs need to be dogs. Dogs are pack animals and much as they love you, they also want to be a dog. Puppy socialization gets them started on learning good play behavior, channels their energy and their basic instincts.

During this program we will focus on:

  • Social interactions with people and other puppies
  • Learning appropriate play techniques and building confidence
  • Creating a routine designed for positive behavior
  • Meeting new people, other puppies, new experience, different sights and sounds


10 sessions - $490.00
20 sessions - $940.00

It is suggested puppies attend two or three times a week minimum. Puppies must have a clean fecal exam.

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