What are the benefits of Rex’s Place day care?

There are a number of benefits. You’ll see the first one when you see the joy your dog exhibits as s/he approaches the front door after a few visits. During their time at day care, they will be exposed to a variety of dogs, people, sights and sounds – in other words, they will be socialized. Behaviorists encourage regular socialization and daily exercise for dog’s overall quality of life and improved behavior. They will get both at Rex’s Place.

Who can play at Rex’s Place?

Requirements to play: Most dogs that do well in a dog beach or park will do well at Rex’s Place. Since your dog’s safety and well being is our top concern, we do have a few requirements for day care dogs:

  • Play Nice! Dogs must pass a temperament test to ensure s/he is not aggressive toward people or other dogs. Dogs must be able to share toys and space with people and other dogs.
  • Complete veterinary inoculation records must be furnished, including rabies, distemper, bordetella and a fecal exam for parasites and giardia.
  • All dogs must be spayed or neutered unless younger than six months of age.

How Do I Become a Client?

  • Read the requirements above and ensure your dog meets them.
  • Fill out the enrollment form on this website.
  • Call to schedule your trial day. On your trial day, bring your dog and your proof of vaccination/fecal exam results if they has not already been faxed by your vet.
  • After the interview, if all goes well you can come for day care.

Why are you cage-free?

Dogs are pack animals; they are at their best when they are free to socialize and sleep with the group. At Rex’s Place, our clients play all day with the same dogs they will be napping with during the day. They make “best friends” just like humans.

What if my dog fails the interview or is unable to stay in day care?

Some dogs just need a little socialization training before meshing in day care. If your dog is not initially accepted or can’t stay in day care, it’s not the end of the world. It doesn’t mean he’s not a lovable dog. It simply means day care is not the appropriate environment for him/her. We can help coordinate alternate outlets for such dogs.

My dog doesn’t always want to play with other dogs. Sometime s/he just want to be given affection. Is day care appropriate for him/her?

Yes, many enjoy watching the action from the sidelines. They prefer spending the majority of their day being petted and loved by our staff. We’re happy to cater to the lovers of the group.

Can I check it out before leaving my dog?

Absolutely! We love to show off our digs!  Call us to make an appointment and we’ll be happy to show you around.

Should I bring my dog when I check it out?

It depends on when you come by.  The day care dogs get very excited at the thought of a new playmate and it tends to make the experience a little rough for new playmates that have entered the room.

Can I meet the people taking care of my dog?

YES! Also check out the staff profiles.

Do you have an outdoor yard?

Yes. We have an outside play (5000 sq. ft) area that the dogs get to use at least twice a day (weather permitting).

Do you separate big and little dogs?

The small guys/gals have their own separate playroom but be warned – there are a few bigger dogs who THINK they are small dogs and sometimes hang out there.  (We have little guys that only want to be with the big guys as well)  All the dogs are put together at 2:00 when the facility is being cleaned.

Do the dogs fight?

While there is never a guarantee, Rex’s Place takes every precaution to ensure there are no fights. Because we require an evaluation of all dogs prior to attendance and because the dogs’ behavior is carefully managed, we are able to prevent fights. Your dog’s safety is our top priority!

What precautions do we take to ensure your dog’s safety?

  • All dogs are evaluated; dogs exhibiting aggressive behaviors are not admitted to daycare.
  • Dogs are supervised by trained professionals 100% of the time.
  • Our staff is trained to understand a dog’s body language so fights can be prevented before they start. Dogs are carefully and slowly introduced to their play group.
  • Since dogs do bite and claw as they play, minor cuts and scratches are not uncommon; but you can rest assured every precaution is taken to avoid a serious altercation.

My dog needs medication throughout the day. Will you be able to administer it?

We will. All medications will be carefully labeled and given at the appropriate time. Unlike many facilities, we do not charge extra to administer any medications.