Day Care


Doggone tired! Clients of Rex’s Place waiting to be picked up after a busy day.

At Rex’s Place, day care is more than just an outlet for your dog’s energy. It is an exciting social activity where your dog can romp, play and learn. When people ask us why day care, we have one answer: After a long day at work, wouldn’t it be nice if your dog was just as tired as you are?

Our offer:

  • Over 12,000 square feet of indoor and outdoor space
  • Professionally trained staff with knowledge of animal CPR, first aid, and dog behavior and breeds
  • Lowest staff-to-dog ratio you’ll find (7:1 for big guys, 12:1 for the small ones)
  • 3 to 4 walks per day (weather permitting)
  • Convenient hours
  • Pick-up and drop-off service

Does my dog really need daycare?

When I first got Rex, I didn't understand the concept at all. I laughed when people told me to send him to daycare; however, I was crate training him and I didn't realize when I left the house, he did nothing but bark. I was close to being evicted when I discovered daycare. Daycare saved my relationship with my neighbors, my condo and my dog. At daycare Rex got exercise, socialization and even the occasional training reinforcement. He came home happy, satisfied and tired; even on the days he stayed home! For some of his friends, it meant there was no more furniture chewing or bouncing off the walls. For older dogs, it meant exercise, socialization, and the mental stimulation they needed to keep them young at heart. I was sold and I think you will be too.

Do I really need for my dog to attend daycare?

You might not realize it yet, but yes, we think you do. Having your dog join us will give you time and we all know just how previous that is. Whether your working or running errands, when your dog is with us, you can have a calm and relaxed day without worrying about running home to take care of your dog. If you have a dog that is destructive, you will find your house intact at the end of the days and, if your dog is a barker, your neighbors will appreciate the silence. If you work from home, you can have a conference call without being asked to play or go for a walk. At the end of the day, you'll have a lot accomplished and your dog will be happy, healthy and tired. What could be better than that? If you work from home, you can have a conference call without being asked to play or go for a walk.

Is daycare good for every dog?

It's not. Some dogs don't do well in this type of environment. During trial days, our staff evaluates each dog to look for signs of stress, discomfort and temperament that would prevent your dog from enjoying the experience of daycare at Rex's Place. Most dogs do well with one or two days of running with their pack.

How many days of daycare do you recommend?

That really depends on your dog's personality and your schedule. Most dogs are very tired for1-2 days after each visit. If you have a youngster, 2-3 visits per week should help you keep your sanity. Older or mellower dogs often do well with as little as 1 day per week. At a minimum, we do recommend that all dogs get a least one day of daycare a week.

Is there a minimum daycare attendance requirement?

We don't have a minimum requirement; however, daycare is a social skill that needs to be practiced. Dogs who only attend occasionally don't enjoy it as much, may find it stressful and don't always have the best manners. We recommend owners send their dog a minimum of once a week. There is a minimum daycare attendance requirement for new dogs, who are asked to come once a week for the first three months. We have found that dog's that don't do that, and come less frequently, have a first day every time they come. This gives us a chance to really new your dog and provide them with the best care.

What are the requirements?

  • You must complete our enrollment form and provide us with vet records showing that all vaccinations are current.
  • Dogs must take and pass a temperament test.
  • Must be in good health and flea/tick free.
  • Must be non-aggressive and not toy protective.
  • Must never have bitten or injured another animal or person.

What is a temperament test?

It starts with an extensive questionnaire that outlines the dog's history and behaviors. Once a dog is introduced to a playgroup, we observe their introductions; play styles and comfort with other dogs and transitions. At the end of the day we'll tell you what we observe about your dog and their play style .If you are accepted and continue to come to daycare, you will get a report card at the end of each day letting you know what, if any, changes we see.

Are there breed restrictions?

We accept all breeds as long as they pass the formal evaluation process and temperament test. The staff is quickly able to recognize potential problems in a dog regardless of breed. If there is any doubt, we always err on the side of caution and don't accept any dogs we have concerns about in our playgroups. Playgroups are determined by their play style and size.

How are playgroups decided?

Dogs are separated primarily by size and play style. Big dogs tend to be a little more active than our smaller dogs; a little more wrestling and chasing. Our smaller dogs run and chase but in a little more relaxed way.

What if my dog doesn't want to play?

That happens, and it's not a problem. There are some dogs that want to do nothing more than lounge or hang out with staff. In that case, we make sure they get a little one on one cuddle time and still give them some walks as well.

There is a lot of barking when I drop off my dog. Is it like that all day long?

Absolutely not. The dogs always get excited when someone new comes in. Usually the dogs settle down within a couple of minutes.

Is training involved?

Our staff reinforces positive reinforcement in everything we do:

  • Dogs sit before they come into the play area
  • Recall
  • Gate blocking
  • Resource sharing

Can dogs get hurt?

The safety of the dogs is always our first priority. Through our evaluation process, we make every attempt to week out aggressive behavior. Throughout the day our staff is closely monitoring the dogs and keeping the play fun and friendly; however, dogs use their mouths and paws to play; therefore, little scratches and nicks are not uncommon. Our staff is trained to monitor dog play and intervene if the play looks to intense. We are fortunate that it is very rare for a dog to get hurt in our playgroups. Should a dog get seriously hurt, we will notify you and take the dog to a nearby vet.

When they fight, how do you break it up?

Dog fights are actually uncommon at daycare. If one should occurs, we try to redirect the dog's focus to another activity and get them to respond to staff. If rough play, mounting or excessive barking continues, we use Squirt bottles filled with water to try and curb the behavior. We also use timeouts by placing a dog in a crate or leashing them at our side for a period of time. Should this happen, it is usually around 15 minutes or so and you will be notified of it on your report card at the end of the day.

How do you keep your place clean?

Sanitation at Rex's Place is constant and ongoing. We use the highest quality, pet safe and industry specific disinfectants in our facility.

Will my dog's housetraining be affected by daycare? Where do they go to the bathroom?

This shouldn't be an issue unless you have a lot of other dogs in your house. Going inside is a matter of marking and they do go inside; however, it is quickly cleaned up. As they go for walks during the day, house training is reinforced and we never heard of a dog who has attended daycare and backtracked on their training.

How many dogs do you allow?

Our facility is approximately 12000 sq ft. Industry standard is 100 sq ft/per dog over 50 lbs and 50 sq ft per dog for dogs under 50 lbs. We have a limit of 65 to 70 dogs, which is well under the industry standards. Our daily limit depends on the size of dogs attending and the general atmosphere that day. Some days are more rowdy and we then take less. Some days are calmer so we can take more. Our average is 55 53 in the winter and 40 50 in the summer. They are split into playgroups and we usually have 25-30 in the big dog room and 25-35 in the small dog room.

If I buy a prepaid package do I still need to make a reservation?

Yes, to make sure we have room for your dog. Reservations can be made on our website, through Facebook or by phone. You can also make a standard reservation (e.g. every Tuesday/Thursday) and will only need to let us know when you are NOT coming so we can free up the space.

How long have you been in business and what is your background?

We opened on March 1, 2010 and are a small local business. We are NOT a chain. The owners are present at the facility every single day. All staff has had years of experience working with dogs. We live and work in this community and have a high level of commitment to our facility, our employees, you and your dog.


Day Care Requirements


Relaxing by the pool!

Temperament evaluation:
All owners are required to complete the enrollment form, which is used to assess their dog and their suitability for day care.  Dogs are then invited to participate in a day of play, during which we do a temperament evaluation. At the end of the trial day, if all goes well, you will receive a report card and an invitation to return for even more play.

The little guys have fun during outside playtime.

The little guys have fun during outside playtime.

We will need proof that you dog has current vaccinations against Rabies, DHLPP, and Bordetella. Please note that bordetella vaccinations are not automatically given by most veterinarians unless requested, so you will want to double check your paperwork prior to coming for your first day.  Because we are introducing your dogs to our pack, all vaccinations must be present and current. Once you are ready, it is best to give us a call to set up your trial day of play.

All dogs over 6 months of age must be spayed or neutered.

Day Care Pricing Download Day Care Enrollment Forms (PDF)


Dog Day Care Hours

We are Open Mon-Fri  6:30 to 6:30
Half Day Check in no later than 11:00

Pet Taxi Service Details
Pick-Up Service: Monday – Friday between 7:00 and 8:00

Drop-Off Service Monday – Friday between 3:00 – 4:00

Taxi Rate:  $10.00 one way; $15.00 round trip; 10 rides for $180.00